ABOUT kjh-es

KJH-ES originally began business in 1997 working primarily with manufacturing sites located in North Carolina and South Carolina in helping these sites submit required permit applications and environmental reports and maintain ongoing compliance with environmental requirements.  Clients included both large chemical companies (DuPont & Hoechst Celanese, for example) as well as many smaller sites/companies (Railroad Friction, WestPoint Stevens, Butler Manufacturing, and many more).  Over the years, some sites shutdown (DuPont Brevard, for example), some corporations went out of business (WestPoint Stevens, for example), and some of the sites changed ownership. 
In 2010, KJH-ES "closed up shop".  After working in chemical industry ESHA programs for 10 years, in March 2020, Ken Hausle decided to start KJH-ES back up.  With additional experience working with many ESHA professionals over the past 10 years, Ken has a very broad-based, hands-on ESHA background.  More information on Ken is below.

ABOUT ken Hausle

BS - Chemical Engineering, NC State:  1987

Process Engineer - Baton Rouge, LA - Allied-Signal Corp:  1987-1988

Production Supervisor - El Segundo, CA - Allied-Signal Corp: 1988-1989 

MSPH - Masters in Public Health:  Environmental Management Dept., UNC-Chapel Hill - 1991

Environmental Consultant (with Radian and ERM) - 1991 - 1997

Sole Proprietor of KJH-ES - 1997-2010

Environmental Engineer - Narrows, VA - Celanese Corporation:  2010-2013

Corporate Environmental Engineer - Charlotte, NC - Clariant Corporation:  2013-2020 

Sole Proprietor of KJH-ES - 2020 - present.



Call: 704.626.9333

Email: ken@kjh-es.org