It's Time for a Fresh Start



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KJH-ES is back in Business!  My name is Ken Hausle.  I am a Professional Engineer and have years of ESHA experience at a diverse set of industrial facilities.  Here is a list of "Services Offered".  If you are interested, my contact info is below.

  1.  Environmental Permitting Assistance & Regulatory Reporting (all media).
  2.  Pre-Expansion/Construction Environmental Planning (it is important to plan in advance).
  3.  Air Emissions Control Device:
    • Peformance assessment (for existing units);
    • Design (for possible new units);
    • Operating practice review (SOP's, recordkeeping, training, etc.).
  4.  For "Smaller" Sites, General Review of Current ESHA Capabilities and Performance.
  5.  Development of ESHA "Compliance Management" Tools (who, when, how, etc.).
  6.  Customized Safety Training Focussing on "Root Cause Analysis".
  7.  Assist in communication with regulatory agency personnel.  Participate in meetings. 

I'm looking forward to some serious business in 2021 - Let's work together and get it done! 

Philosophy of kjh-es

  • We all care about the environment.
  • Safety improves when work is fulfilling.